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Melopoiïa (2013)
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Nineteen EP (2012)
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The Curse (UK version, 2011)
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Spaceship, move slow! EP (2011)
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The Curse (2010)
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Mainly Mute (2009)
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Live at Sliperiet CD/DVD (2009)
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Mainly Mute Remixed (2009)
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“Making waves beneath the wind
Sucking guilt out of your sin
Do you want me at all?”



May 7 – Dattera Til Hagen / OSLO
Tickets & Info: www.dattera.no

May 8 – Larvik Mikrobryggeri / LARVIK
Tickets & Info: www.larvikmikrobryggeri.no

May 21 – Mao Live House / BEIJING
Tickets & Info: site.douban.com/maolivehouse/

May 22 – Pai Club / TIANJIN
Tickets & Info: www.douban.com/people/pailive

May 23 – Velvet Underground Club / SHIJIAZHUANG
Tickets & Info: Website

May 24 – SID Live House / ZIBO
Tickets & Info: weibo.com/1306541493/BondVA9zM

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Bellman is one of the leading voices of a new generation of singer/songwriters who are taking the sound of Norway all over the world.

Born Arne-Johan Rauan and hailing from Larvik, Norway, Bellman’s debut album, Mainly Mute, was a breakout hit in 2009, garnering critical accolades and featuring the popular single ‘Spaceship, Move Slow’.

Blending acoustic and electric sounds, melancholic atmospheres and energetic notes, Bellman cites influences that include contemporary experimental rock bands such as Sigur Rós and Radiohead as well as classic pop/rock bands, alternative rock bands of the ’90s such as Mercury Rev and Slowdive and Swedish talents such as Stina Nordenstam.

Upon signing a recording contract with C+C Records and collaborating with producer Lars Klokkerhaug, Bellman made his album debut in 2009 with Mainly Mute. The album spawned a couple of singles, ‘Spaceship, Move Slow’ and ‘Celestine’, the first of which proved especially popular and reached the #6 on the Norwegian albums chart the first week.


The in-concert recording ‘Live at Sliperiet’ (2009) was released in the immediate wake of Mainly Mute’s critical and commercial success, with only a month’s time separating the two albums. Bellman’s live performances are well known for being an elegant and powerful mix of delicate and rock sounds that has taken the artist on tour on countless countries such as China, Korea, Japan, Denmark and United Kingdom.

The following project born from the collaboration between the artist and 17 of Norways hottest remixers, such as Of Norway, Rune Lindbæk, Palace of Peasure and Prins Thomas who created remixes of each track from Mainly Mute. This resulted in a 2xcd album called ‘Mainly Mute Remixed’ (2009).

Bellman’s second album ‘The Curse’, released in 2010, also received brilliant reviews and the single ‘Olivia’ was on rotation on Norway´s biggest radio station for over ten weeks. ‘The Curse’, as well as ‘Mainly Mute’, has been appearing on countless “best album of the year” lists around the world (ACUVI, NoFearOfPop, Eardrums, Audiozone etc.).

Bellman have just released his third album “Melopoiïa” (Nov. 5th 2013).

“You were standing there right before me
Just breathing in and folding out
And I just couldn’t help feeling lonely
With your staring eyes and foggy doubt”

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